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What is distant healing?

Distant healing is a method of allowing a client to receive energy via a therapist who is located in a different place, an extension of a natural process we use all the time to share energy with another, through a hug, caring words, holding a crying baby to sooth it, praying for our loved ones, visualising our child doing well at school etc. With face to face or distant healing the therapist has been attuned to be able to bring through significantly more energy than is usual in the above examples.

How does distant healing work?

Everything and everyone is made of energy, the space between objects is filled with energy therefore everything is connected by energy. Being attuned I am able to connect with a client’s energy and carry out the treatment whilst holding them in my thoughts (Have you ever thought of contacting a friend and your phone rings, it is that friend?). The client naturally draws the extra energy needed to speed up their self-healing. Some clients feel the energy during a distant treatment others don’t and both are normal experiences.

What do I need to do during a treatment?

Ideally sit or lie down comfortably, perhaps listen to music or just relax. The therapist will phone to confirm the treatment is starting and then depending on your preference ring or text when the treatment has concluded. The duration depends on the individual’s needs and can be anything from 30 minutes to one hour.

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