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Reiki Treatment

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Imagine being able to sit or lie down with your eyes closed and place your hands on different parts of your body bringing about immense relaxation. A level of relaxation so profound your thoughts may slow or become less important, your body will sink into a state of peace. This practice will recharge your energy, help you feel better about yourself and equip you not only work on yourself but help friends and family too! The prices are below together with a link to learn more about learning reiki.

If you would like to book a reiki treatment with me at Navitas Holistic Centre, Shavington, Crewe then phone me on 07846 427626 or send me a text.

Learn Reiki: FAQ

Level one Western Reiki

Join me at the Navitas Centre, Shavington, Crewe to learn the first level of  Western Reiki. The one day course includes being attuned to Reiki, learning to to give reiki to yourself and others. Very interactive with lots of practice. The course manual and certificate are provided on the day.

Price: £130.00

Level two Western Reiki

This is the second level of reiki for those wishing to deepen their reiki practice or become a Reiki Practitioner. This level includes attunment to and use of the reiki energetic symbols and how to deliver distance reiki. The course is one day, at Navitas Centre with the course manual and certificate provided on the day.

Price: £150.00

Level three Western Reiki

This is the third level of Reiki to become a Reiki Master Pracitioner. This course is for students committed to regular reiki practice, who wish to deepen their practice further and includes further energetic tools including attunment to the Reiki Master Symbol. The course is one day and the course manual and certificate are provided on the day.

Price: £190.00

There is a further level that of Reiki Master Teacher. This level is by arrangement only when Reiki Master students wish to become teachers themselves.

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