Time is a funny thing, sometimes it feels there is too much, most often too little. Yet how do you truly fill your time? There are many ways to make time work more efficiently for you. Don’t be ruled by time, if you feel anxiety build up if you are running out of time, begin to focus on slowing down your breathing, otherwise you will waste energy worrying about something you are trying your best to manage. By deepening your breathing your mind will remain clear putting you in a better place to progress whatever you are doing more accurately, more efficiently and ultimately more quickly. Instead of spending time worrying find yourself a quiet space and meditate. Meditation even for a few minutes, helps replenish energy you have lost, worrying expends more energy. Be careful with your time, if you allow it to slip by it has gone for ever, you cannot get it back. Used wisely you have enough time to do everything you need to do and you will enjoy it more too.

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