Are you human or a robot?

If today is no different to any other day are you a robot or are you human? Have you ever really thought about that? We waste so much time in our heads thinking about yesterday or last week or when this or that was in our life and yet more time thinking about what will happen tomorrow or next week or next year or whenever. These thoughts are accompanied by emotions some positive often negative.  We end up not living NOW. We are lost in space and time and unaware of the present moment.

Are you with family or friends? If you are what are they doing while you are reading this? You may be in the same room but you are not with them because your energy flows where your intention goes, so really being together is paying attention to each other, listening to each other, sharing the space and energy by being present.

All too often we take for granted those closest to us and go through the motions of being together by following the same routine day in and day out. Perhaps not noticing what they are wearing, or if they are o.k. and worse still only half tuning in to the routine conversation which takes place each day. Is it any wonder people become dissatisfied with their lives and wonder what the point of it is?

Unless we actively choose to be alive to all the depth, colour and possibilities of the moment and participate in creating that moment by absorbing the wonder of it as a child does, by finding laughter and fun in even the most boring activities then we are are just “existing” allowing our body to go through the same process it does every day without real thought or input needed from us.  We are behaving like a robot, because each day is pretty much the same unless we step up to the plate and make a conscious effort to take notice and become aware of those with us, what is around us and what the possibilities are for making our lives really interesting.

If your today is no different to your yesterdays then WAKE-UP you have been allowing your life to pass you by without noticing. You cannot change all those days you have wasted but you can change today! Become aware, take an interest, look for the possibilities to make this day richer and more rewarding with a good dose of fun and laughter.  Be human and retire your robot!


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