Are you listening to your body?

Right now as you read this how does your body feel? Are you tired or stressed or just sitting relaxing for a while? Sit for a few moments and close your eyes so you can scan your body and see where there is tension or tiredness or pain. Ask your body what you are doing or not doing which is creating this feeling. Most importantly thank your body for making you aware that you need to change something in your life to release the tension, stress or pain.

We lead such busy lives, we forget to tune into the most important aspect of our being, which is the body we live in. We expect it to keep going no matter what we choose to do or how many challenges we put it through, yet how often do we listen when it lets us know it needs some support? Usually our body has to floor us in some way to actually make us stop and recognise all is not well. By this time our journey back to health is longer because we ignored the early signs we were given.

All of a sudden the only thing we can focus on is our brokenness and we feel angry our body has let us down. We feel cheated if we are forced to rest and often reach out for a painkiller to magically get rid of the symptoms and get us going again, without really considering why our body is broken. What did we do which was too much to cope with? What were the warning signs that all was not well? If I just hide the symptoms by taking a painkiller and keep doing exactly what I was doing before becoming broken I run the risk of becoming more broken longer term!

A painkiller may bring short term relief, only changes to your actions will bring longer term well-being.  So really give some thought to the messages your body gives you before you become floored and broken enough to need to visit your Doctor for help. Live in harmony by getting to know your energy and recognising when you are becoming depleted.  Then take some physical action, however small, to recharge your batteries and feel great again!

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