To know yourself, to be yourself, is your right, yet we choose often to see that which is before us with our eyes rather than with our heart. Should you feel moved inside by what you experience then this is your guidance from your higher self to listen and act in alignment with your true self. Today in society we feel compelled to be and do as everyone else does so we fit in. Yet so many of us feel there is something missing from our lives because of this and wonder at the reason we are here just to go through the motions each day and dare to call it living.

When was the last time you looked for the beauty in anything? I mean really looked deeply and felt the connection with the person or creature or item you were looking at. There is so much beauty and wonder all around us if we choose to see it. Our lives deserve to be full of joy each day and we were meant to be in this moment now. Just as you read this you were drawn to it to remind you of what you already know. Take time to really enjoy the little things, look until you feel to truely connect and more of the bigger things will also be attracted to you.

If you sleep walk through your day on autopilot you will be missing the wonders around you which are there for you to discover to feed your heart and soul. Choose to be alive by being in the moment and squeezing joy out of everything you choose to do.


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