Being Compassionate

Before you worry about being too careful or too reckless what should you do? It would be appropriate to consider how the action aligns with being compassionate. This is the way we grow within ourselves. Too often it is easy to take action first and consider the impact and consequences of that action when it is too late to do anything about it. Once we release the energy into the atmosphere it cannot be taken back. The ripple effect on people and/or the planet will follow through. Everything is energy, not just actions but thoughts too. A thought does not have to be spoken out for it to release and impact yourself and others. This is why you should be kind to yourself and love yourself. If you are unkind to yourself constantly you will become run down and possibly be more susceptible to illness. This is also true if you have unkind thoughts about others, not only will they suffer but you will too because of the negative energy being created.

Just think how different life could be if you let go of the past and lived each day as if it was your last. I am sure the last thing on you mind would be bad mouthing someone for a transgression against you. If it was your last day most likely you would want to spend it with those you love around you, doing things you love, making sure they know how you feel. This is where compassion can help. None of us can get in each other’s heads or have any real idea of how life experiences have made a person the way they are. What we can all do is to use compassion wherever possible to allow for instances where a person may say or do something which would normally cause upset. Do not judge or jump to conclusions accept it for what it is and move on. By letting go of any frustration or anger which you might normally have felt you are stopping the spread of negative energy. If you react the other person may also react and escalate the flow of negative energy. A vicious circle sucks in more negativity. A virtuous circle encourages more positivity.

There is so much hate in the world we all have a responsibility to balance it out with the spread of kindness, forgiveness and love which manifests itself as compassion. It is challenging to change the way you think, yet the payoff is immense, less negative energy leads to a happier life.

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