The Power Of Words

There are so many words to choose from which we understand and use regularly, yet when we communicate to others do we really know what the words we have used mean to the other person?

People can be hurt, feel fearful, loved, joyful, sad, angry or lonely when they are on the receiving end of words. Every word communicated carries the energy of the meaning of that word and care is needed so that the effect on another person is what is intended. Often upsets and disagreements occur simply because the intended meaning is misunderstood by the person on the receiving end.

Comedians make a living finding and using words intentionally which create a double meaning to make us laugh. Heard in this context we can understand the power of words. Why then is there a tendency to hear the negative meaning of words? How often have words been spoken first with little thought and then regretted by the speaker when the reaction from the other person was not what was intended? Equally how often have words been heard which seem out of character with the person using them, yet offence is taken. Knowing the power words carry, listen for the positive as like attracts like. If the listener’s focus is on the negative words more of the same will be heard as the energy being felt is negative. Choose not to buy into negative energy and happier outcomes will be the result.


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