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Today is a momentous day for you and the whole world, this moment is the only moment you can influence because it is the only opportunity you have to take action, once the moment has passed it will never be again, it has gone for all time as the universe always moves forward not backwards. So many moments are ignored, when you kind of feel your mind has reminded you of something and you just let it go, only to berate yourself later when you forget to do, or go, whatever it was your thought tried to tell you. There are many kinds of thoughts and they do not all come from the same place. There are many which are created by our ego which always has an agenda and not always in our best interest. Some thoughts come from our true self, our higher self, our soul, they are the inspirations which pop into our head, those light-bulb moments, and the off the wall thought which just comes out of nowhere.

Listen to yourself more carefully and you will begin to identify which thoughts are being produced by your ego, often these are judgement based, creating fear, worries and concerns. Write them down and you will catch how often you are bombarded with this type of information, it is no wonder we feel our energy sap, feel anxiety build up in our tummies and chest, feel a headache coming on or stress in our shoulders.  The ego is never happier than when it causes you to do what it was originally designed to do, FIGHT or FLIGHT. These two extremes were survival techniques to keep humans aware and alive when society as we know it didn’t exist. Unfortunately, in the world we live in today it just confuses us, makes us fearful, limits our potential, interferes with our relationships and affects our health and wellbeing.

Our ego has also cut so many of us off from our spiritual past, not helped by media creating very scary scenarios to make us fearful and you know, fear breeds fear. Fear attracts fear. So not only is our ego making us fearful, by doing so it is cutting us off from knowing how beautiful our life can truly be. It is creating darkness where there can be light. It is showing us all the bad in the world without true balance. If you could see how much love was being shared around the world, how so many give so much of their love to help others, animals or our planet we may begin to realise that it is worth it. What is IT, well it is why we are here it is the meaning of life.

We are on a journey from the day we are born; however, we are not consciously aware of it. We choose to return to earth to learn and to help with the evolution of mankind. To influence and help each other to make the decisions which will help our planet and our people to evolve and at the heart of all this is love. Since the world began many have walked the earth and every soul has made a difference no matter how short their lives or how insignificant their contribution appears to be.

Every one of us has help from the spirit world available to us if we choose to listen to it and accept it without fear. Many people are particularly sensitive from childhood and not understanding their gifts can be scary for them, particularly if the adults around them also have no understanding. So against this backdrop it is no wonder we struggle and strive sometimes wondering what we are doing in life, why we are here, what is the point? You can do something about it you can just listen to your inner self and start your journey towards the light, towards unlimited love, towards beauty and abundance in all areas of your life.

There are times when a lesson is being learned and nothing seems to go right or we lose a loved one, or a relationship fails or we lose our job and so many other situations or dramas which we lock our minds into and wallow in the what might have been, the if only.., the why did this have to happen? Embracing the situation and knowing that we will get through it just like the sun comes up each day can help but it is important to grieve for loss of any kind before releasing it so you can love again and move on with the rest of your life. Be kind to yourself, allow yourself to really feel and to know that when they pop into your head out of nowhere, celebrate the fact that they are close by and you are listening to your inner self and connecting in some way with your loved one.

No one is beyond help no matter what they have done or why they have done it. No one can know all the events and dramas which led a person to the place they find themselves. Without the possibility of salvation there is no hope. If the fighting and the killing is to ultimately cease there must be a way to forgive those who are at the centre of these situations, otherwise they will never stop because they will always be fearful of the consequences. To stop is to take a step towards the light and immense support is needed to maintain the momentum when those journeys start. The question is can we see beyond the hate, can we find compassion within ourselves to find a better more peaceful way to resolve conflict. Again love is the source, the balm, the way to begin to change and seek a better life.

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