What is Reiki?

Often when Reiki is mentioned people have heard of it but are not really sure what it is. This lack of understanding can bring with it feelings of doubt or uncertainty if they consider giving it a try and may not get round to it as a result.

Reiki is a method of accessing the universal energy, the energy of everything, the energy which animates us humans and every other creature on earth, the energy which supports all plant and sea life. It is the energy underlying creation.

Every day each of us use this universal energy and if we are well we draw more energy into ourselves to replace the energy used. It is a natural cycle. At night when we sleep our body and mind use less energy so there is more available to heal and maintain our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. But when we are poorly and feel like we just want to curl up in a ball, we are recognizing that our energy is depleted and are pulling it in close to us. We draw less energy too at times like this, so it makes it more challenging to heal ourselves.

It is perfectly natural to want to help others when they are hurt or distressed and this intention is enough to share energy. When a child falls over and cuts its knee the natural reaction of a parent is to place a hand over it, what people may not be aware of is that the child is drawing some of the parent’s energy into the knee and this extra energy helps the child to relax and begin to heal the injury. When a baby is crying and picked up to be cuddled, the baby is drawing some energy from the parent which helps it to relax and calm down.

When a client goes for a Reiki treatment the practitioner is a facilitator placing hands on or near different parts of the body and the client draws the energy they need to help them to heal themselves. The client is in control and will unconsciously take the energy they are receiving to the parts of their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body which needs it to heal.

The environment is also very relaxing, clients usually lie fully clothed on a therapy couch, covered with a blanket, the lights are dimmed and there is soft music playing in the background.

Reiki Practitioners are attuned as part of their training to channel a lot more energy through their bodies during a treatment than any of us do naturally. So they are not using their own energy, they are drawing in more universal energy and the client is pulling through that energy as needed.

Reiki is a perfectly natural way for us to access more energy when we need a boost and everyone can benefit from it. Just give it a try and see how topping-up our energy really can help us heal ourselves in so many ways.


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