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Word of Mouth

Sandra cured me of my phobia of rats. Both my daughter and I were pertrified of them to the extent where, when faced with one in one of the outbuildings I ran out locking my daughter in with it. My fear of the rat was greater than my concern for my daughter. After my session with Sandra, I can't say I like rats but, when coming across them in the goose feed or out buildings I can deal with it.

Jan Whitbread

Testimonial- My journey…. insight…. clarity…. forever evolving

I have been attending sessions with Sandra for nearly 12 months now and honestly can say she has ‘opened my eyes’ to my own life. My relationship not only with myself, but those with others and to know that we can be in control of how we react and cope with life’s stressors/challenges. Alongside this also cherishing and nurturing the good and happiness that life brings us.

I was in a very low, dark place emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I am a 26-year-old woman who lost her way in the world. I lost my father at his young age of 57. This was sudden and unexpected. I was dealing with an immense amount grief; I was in a marriage that was on the brink of divorce and hated my physical appearance. My self-esteem was rock bottom along with everything else in my life. Sleepless nights haunted me and horrific dreams, I had, had enough! I was so exhausted, yet something within me knew I needed to do something to help me. Sandra began with a soul reading and then we moved onto hypnotherapy. I was so impressed with the results that I then chose to undertake life coaching with Sandra. I have a few sessions left of this and can say ‘hand on heart’ they have helped me save me, from me and come out of this seemingly bottomless pit of grief and pain.

If anyone is out there reading this and is undecisive on whether to go ahead or not with these types of healing therapies (I have been where you are now) DO IT! You will be amazed at the changes you can make and understand why things may be the way they are and how you deal/react with them.

Skills, knowledge and understanding from Sandra will not only help you evolve in the short term but are there to draw on for the rest of your life.

Life is too short…right? So, take that step now. Live your life to the fullest emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Ashleigh Johnson-Warburton

It is my great privilege to have known Sandra for the last 5 years. Following my son's severe head injury in 2016; Sandra and her fellow reiki master colleague Julie, began weekly reiki treatments  whilst my son was in intensive care (a mix of in person and distant healing) to support and accelerate his recovery journey. The speed of my son's progress over the following 12 months was nothing short of miraculous given the severity of the injuries. when discussing his wonderful progress with an enlightened neuro surgeon at the hospital (on placement from India where they routinely blend the best of western and eastern approaches); and sharing the extended treatment programme we had embarked upon including regular reiki with Sandra, he commented 'It is the reiki that is making the difference'. I have in recent times of personal difficulty been fortunate enough to personally experience the benefits of hands on and distant reiki healing from Sandra. My gratitude is difficult to quantify.

Wendy Dickson

Coaching with Sandra is nothing short of life changing. She has the ability to effectively hold space, and guide you through a series of breakthrough moments. She helps you better understand limiting beliefs, but more importantly dissolve them, in a way that feels almost effortless. After 10 sessions of coaching with Sandra my life is transformed. I am so much happier and my personal relationships are much improved. I cannot recommend Sandra enough for anyone struggling with any aspect of life

Amy Huggins

Sandra thank you for all your support, your time and for always being there for me. You are a truly amazing person.

Maria Costin

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